Proper eye care for the blind is often under-emphasized as an important part of daily hygiene. The Peace Center for the Blind educates and assists the students in proper eye care techniques. They ensure that students receive adequate medical attention through biannual visits to the ophthalmologist and to specialists as needed for specific conditions. Due to limited education and access to adequate health services, many students had not taken proper care of their eyes before coming to the Center, often resulting in otherwise preventable health problems.
The Center covers all costs for checkups and other health care expenses
Muna arrived at the Center in 2010, and since then has developed socially, psychologically and academically.
By law Israeli National Insurance covers the entire medical cost of treatment for students at the center who are Jerusalem residents. Students from the West Bank, 70% of the total number at the center, aren’t covered by Israeli insurance but are instead registered with the Palestinian health care system. This coverage provides a small refund for the costs incurred by doctor visits, but does not cover medicine or treatment costs. Therefore the center is obligated to cover the medical expenses of the majority of their students.

The Center has a holistic approach to both education and health care and goes beyond basic medical treatment to address the psychological well being of each student. On-site counseling, speech therapy, and other mental health services are provided by the center through licensed social workers and other specialists.