For the visually impaired, whose primary experience of the surrounding world is through sound and touch, music and theatrical performance are vital forms of creative expression.

Through classes and performances students are encouraged to explore different forms of artistic expression, identify and express different emotions and ultimately gain self-confidence in their ability to communicate with others.

Danya sings with her classmates in music class.
Sadeel smiles during a performance in theater class.

Music classeses are held weekly at the Peace Center, where students are exposed to both classical symphonic and traditional Palestinian forms of music.

Lessons in piano and percussion instruments are also an important part of the music curriculum. Students enjoy singing a variety of songs in both Arabic and English, and for many these classes are the highlight of their week.

In their bi-weekly Theater workshops students are taught acting, puppet making, and other forms of dramatic expression. The students enjoy combining both theater and music for live performances at Christmas celebrations and other events. Along with providing valuable outlets for artistic expression, these performances help raise awareness of the struggles and triumphs of people with disabilities.
Students practicing a performance in theater class