Women using knitting machines.

The Vocational Training Center (VTC) provides a way for students to be employed, generate some income for the Center, and eventually integrate into society. The products are sold directly at the VTC and in two annual craft bazaars. The Center hopes to expand their production and marketing capacity in the future with a renovated facility that would include a permanent display and sales space.

Training in a variety of different trades is provided free of charge. Despite the limited space, trainees hand-knit, use knitting machines, weave carpets on a hand-loom and assemble wooden brooms and stools to produce a variety of products for sale. A recently initiated project utilizes scrap material from a sock factory in Bethlehem to create multi-colored woven carpets on the hand loom. This is one of the many examples of creativity, resourcefulness and sustainability that the center exemplifies.

Majida knits a shawl